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Dedicated Hosting - Compare For Your Self

All of our servers are powered by the latest Intel Xeon CPUs and are backed up every night so your data is fast and safe.

  Basic Dedicated Hosting Advanced Dedicated Hosting Deluxe Dedicated Hosting
Payment Options
$180 $300 $500
$399.99 $399.99 $399.99
Package Features
1xC/DC 1xQC 1xQC
4GB 8GB 16GB
Disk Space:
2x250GB 2x500GB 2x300G SAS
Any Any Any
Port Speed:
10Mbit 10-100Mbit 10-1000Mbit
Additonal Space:
$15 / 250GB $3 / 500MB $5 / 1000MB
Extra Features
More Disk Space:
Optional Optional Optional
Port Speed Upgrade:
- Optional Optional
Custom SAN/NAS:
- - Optional
E-mail SPAM/Virus Filters:
Optional Optional Optional
Optional Optional Optional
24x7x365 E-mail Support:
Included Included Included
10x5 Phone Support:
Included Included Included
10x5 Billing Support:
Included Included Included
24x7 1 Hour Support:
- Included Included

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